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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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a lot. marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture the debt deadline draws closer and closer yet republicans are stepping farther and farther away from the negotiating table with the republican party actually forced the united states into default just to protect their billionaire billionaire buddies are well more moderate voices in the party and as much as the republicans would like to argue how corporate taxes are destroying our economy truth be told they're not the truth about corporate taxes will be revealed the nights alone liberal rubble.
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you need to know this another day another step closer to default and enough another debt limit negotiations set for this week and every state yesterday president obama squashed the idea of a short term debt limit increase killing republican hopes to kick the can down the road into an election year when republicans would have even more leverage and then called for another meeting later this week with congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle to reach a long term debt limit deal a deal president obama is pushing for includes closing tax loopholes on corporations millionaires and billionaires in exchange for trillions of dollars in spending cuts targeting mostly working class and poor families a deal that conservative columnist david brooks referred to earlier this week as
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the mother of all no brainers for the republicans. but the republican party of no isn't interested in making deals it's interested in crashing the economy speaker john boehner immediately threw cold water on the president's message yesterday saying that bipartisan talks are fruitless his word if you even a nickel of tax increases on corporations millionaires like him or on the billionaires who fund the republican party are on the table so how can that possibly be a constructive tone heading into another round of negotiations with the president are republicans the self-proclaimed adults in the room willing to crash the economy if they don't get every single thing they want and how can they get away with this joining me now to talk more about this issue is david sell federal tax practitioner pro-business advocate david welcome back thank you for having me tom it's always a pleasure thank you david can you name one thing republicans have proposed in debt limit negotiations that would require millionaires to make sacrifices like the rest
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of us just one thing. well i think the issue here is the republican party is strenuously opposed to the spending that's going on but what they ought to do as well is call for the government to adhere to generally accepted accounting standards now i'll give you a perfect example so your viewing audience can grasp the waste that has been taking place as of late now previously our foreign aid spending not including the wars in afghanistan and iraq and the president's raffling involvement in libya cost us approximately one percent of our budget now that this increased over the past two years exponentially we're closing in on the five percent mark and it's going relatively undisclosed because the general accounting office makes its extrapolations on past history and it's really not an accurate reflection of what
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we need to do is get our arms around the spending nip it in the bud and as unpopular as this might sounds of some of your audience we have to lower corporate taxes and really get a resurgence of business in the united states can i begin let me ask you again can you name one thing that the republicans have put on the table or are offering that would say ok average working people and poor people you're going to experience pain you're going to lose working people's students are all going to get screwed in a little way here's what here's how we're going to cut a slice here's the here's the haircut that the billionaires the multimillionaires the big corporations are going to say just one thing that the republicans are willing to do that is shared sacrifice. well tom even if you were to take all of the money from the millionaires and billionaires and disperse it equally i'm going
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to ask you why these men are going into asking for a wand just thing or if it were a public ans are willing to give one thing well what they're willing to give is fiscal and financial responsibility to an extent they're not going nearly far enough and that's the problem you know more and more david isn't willing to sit in the area for a hundred with a living in it and say to democrats eric cantor was sitting in that in that negotiating room a week or so ago and the democrats said let's take the accelerated depreciation and corporate jets it's seven years for all commercial jets right for us airways united they have to depreciate their planes over seven years however if you've got a private jet like general electric has or or or exxon mobil has or whatever you can appreciate it in five years instead of instead of seven years it was a little sweetener that was given to them some time back and so the democrats said why don't we take that appreciation back to seven years we'll save a few billion dollars a year at that point eric cantor gets up and walks out of the room say here are going to hear that you're going to cut the tax deduction on the accelerator
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depreciated for corporate jets we can't abear up these guys have got to be able to you know eat their corporate jets with their gold plated silverware while they're right across the country without having to go through the t.s.a. . tom de seduction and that's appreciation should be contingent upon any reasonable standard it wouldn't matter if it was for miles flown it just has to be a consistent way for the company and so we always eat here because of the new one thing i mean that's to to say that the general electric has to write off its jets at the same speed as united airlines that seems reasonable to me that's not reasonable to republicans name one thing that the republicans are willing to do where their billionaire millionaire and back at corporate buddies are going to lose even one penny please one thing. i have and that's fiscal responsibility on the part of the government because that covers everyone with a broad brush it affects the billionaires and the millionaires as you always say as
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well as the low earners but the fact of the matter is here and you are sitting wondering ago i see a lot of homeowners the u.s. defaulting or the millionaires and billionaires paying an extra three percent in taxes like they did under bill clinton which got us by the way a balanced budget surplus. again so even if you were to take all of their property in possessions if the government doesn't use the way they're going they will squander this money in short order these spending would make emperor nero blush it is so outrageous article as has a question david we were down to about a minute left here are you comfortable with members of congress like eric cantor having shorts on the us dollar he's placing bets that the us dollar is going to crash just as he goes into negotiations they can crash the us dollar and you could make a lot of money if those bets paid off. i think that's outrageous it really is outrageous and i think there's a great deal of self dealing on both sides of the aisle ok the democrats and the
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republicans need to be called some of the carpet on this but most importantly we've got to stop this wasteful spending because it is ruining us here and it's ruining our quality of life and our young men and women who are graduating school they just don't have the opportunities now that they should be having largely because our government is putting them deeply into debt and it's not right actually our students are going deeply into debt as they get student loans if they lived in most of the european countries they would have gone to college for free but i but i get it that's wasteful spending david we're out of time thank you for being with me tonight thank you tom what's going on here is republicans figure if they can just hold out for a few more weeks and force the nation into default and crash the economy and they'll see big gains in the polls next year when voters blame the depression an economy on the president not only that house majority leader eric cantor will receive a fat dividend check from his investment bet that the dollar's going to lose its value and these guys call themselves patriots.
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it's time for a daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's the question is there a legal system being eroded by murdoch styles and sation allies infotainment your choices are yes we should use the old canadian system of only reporting crimes after convictions are no waiting for the next sensationalized infotainment jury trial bring it on log on it's on our back and let us know what you think the poll be open until tomorrow morning. it's a simple message which are sick all the time someone say i'm a wonderful kind it all boils down to one thing. the richest two branches. no where there's nowhere to go once again where.
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you sit if you rent. the rent is today and all right the movie the big splash at this year's brooklyn film festival is a documentary chronicling the life of jimmy mcmillan eccentric eccentric presidential candidate from the rent is too damn high party. and no one first made waves last year in his bid to be new york's governor stealing the show at the gubernatorial debate with his rent is too damn high stick is plenty material mcmillan's life for a movie and i thought we did not mean taint a black belt in karate he was a seventy's soul singer even a male stripper and now turned politician let's just hope the movie isn't too damn long. after the break conservative guest panelists heather serve all and jamie weinstein join need for our midweek low to liberal runnable.
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it's twenty four seven live streaming news tells us what to do about the ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never find on mainstream you. know the. political. posts in more aren't done much to say.
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that's what the night is for the lone liberal when i debate to expert conservative commentators on the big issues of the week on our panel tonight how the sermon a conservative is conservative strategist and managing owner of for forty public relations and jamie weinstein senior editor at the daily caller either jeanne great to see you guys back to you back then thanks very much but republicans plug their ears and hum to themselves and they go shooting table research from the center for tax justice is the republican argument against closing corporate tax loopholes is all smoke and mirrors as much as republicans like to argue the united states forces corporations to pay some of the highest taxes in the world. it's simply that to look at the numbers from the o.e.c.d. the tax justice center discover that u.s. corporations actually a the second lowest taxes in the developed world twenty four other developed
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nations including slovenia turkey and austria have higher corporate tax rates than the united states as the old saying goes you're entitled to your opinions but not your own facts and the fact the matter is corporate taxes in america are among the lowest in the world the us when you're only agenda is the lookout for millionaires and billionaires than you had to fight in the backs of the so you're part of the other ninety nine percent of those who are not worth millions of dollars actually the world bank has compiled the effective tax rate of other countries in the world and the united states is among the highest of those it's not quite number one or two it's about number four among the industrial major industrialized nations that's still pretty high i think in the o.e.c.d. have different numbers i don't know if that's something you would have to ask them to protect just as much as me getting it wrong well you also have to realize that you know what brings that corporate tax rate down is those organizations corporations like world would i can have a tax rate on the ciro because if we but if you can afford
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a little it has to be put in the homes if you can afford those lawyers thing that's actually it's about thirty five percent and president clinton even said you know we should lower the rate to where it's more competitive no i'm not opposed to lowering our tax rates something that resembles what we actually should be paying and the fact of the matter is that corporations in the united states paid about thirty five percent of the total federal budget. back in during the eisenhower administration and now they're paying six percent of the budget that's running this picture that's on average that's if you have lawyers that can you know your i mean the total the total amount the total revenue into the united states government has been picked up by i mean look there are too many regulations on businesses what we're trying to expand and grow jack welch is a lively respected businessman who used to run g.e. i was pointing this out. welch brags in his book about having invented outsourcing to india i don't i don't think because i don't think i would also have said we had bad thing i'm sorry i grew. it was about having invented outsourcing like i
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don't mean i don't think he did it but i disagree over there i g.'s i grant plenty look around he said look at all these people he's. also said he's a very bit of i don't know it wouldn't put my point is that i grew to ninety percent of the economists who say that outsourcing is healthy for economy comparative advantage is something that is good for trade is something that's going to create compromises on the table is president obama democrats want to raise taxes on businesses they want to republicans obviously don't and a great way to compromise is saying let's let's decrease the corporate tax rate close the loopholes and all increase revenues and then the net you didn't republicans actually don't end up raising taxes on business there is no net tax increase and you can run on that it's a great compromise and also internal suggested that you're assuming that there are companies paying thirty five percent i don't there are companies ok yes you know they're going to be fair game theory by percent maybe thirty nine percent maybe you
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want. to point out they're almost zero zero zero that's what i know ok karl rove donor can like go on he says i should have to pay more taxes former g.o.p. senator alan simpson he says the refusing to pay more taxes is goal. because you yes he could well you know this is what david brooks of the new york times and republican. already has been infected by a faction that is more of a psychological protest their practical governing alternative the members of this movement do not accept the logic of compromise do matter how sweet the terms because on the right the members of this movement do not accept the legitimacy of scholars to lecture with already members of this movement have no sense of moral decency and members of this movement have no economic theory worthy of the name and congressman duncan hunter said this about ronald reagan he said well here it is. here.
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here. out a way i care republicans that even their savior ronald reagan couldn't get a life but i disagree with that ronald reagan inspired argument that he was a moderate i don't subscribe to was an amazing individual i mean that i've been times on what i'm talking about campaigning i'm talking about getting capturing or you know really get to know i'd be backed up to i mean he would lead the role of head of state brilliantly well yes but you know i'm like obama who did that he actually followed up with an acting some changes that perhaps he didn't agree with but he said i'm going to do this and i'm going to help america become you know he's a roic nation and i believe it can be i have any help to be absolutely great ronald ronald reagan ronald reagan was revolutionary change this country as much as franklin roosevelt did i actually sat down and i actually sat down with david brooks a morning but. she said that with david brooks on tuesday for an hour long interview
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and york times washington bureau you can see the daily caller dot com he he he brought up that column and we discussed that at some length and he also we also brought up the larger budget battle and what he said on the larger budget battle and that democrats were being serious and it's been republicans who have been coming to the table with a serious plan what the democrats. i would like to see that i would like to see democrats go out and campaign on tax increases see how many people say well you lawn now and since then you look at where you will be for you because i want to pay more taxes sixty six percent of americans want one taxes increase on people making over a quarter million go eat percent american i think times that me going on and you know that that's true unless you really believe the tax rates on that well it worked for bill clinton we got a balanced budget you even can be i was going to raise taxes on people who didn't know he did you have a cigarette it's not him there was a thing that killed walter mondale with you know you yeah ok moving on from right
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wing fanaticism in washington d.c. to right wing fanaticism in ohio governor john kasich is getting killed in the polls he's got forty percent of rule ratings right now look at the last four bills he's passed senate bill five ends collective bargaining for public workers now you've got people saying he you know they gathered over a million one point three million from stations more than ever before in the state of ohio he's passed a fracking was it opens up all of ohio's public lands to fracking to making your water flammable seventy percent of the public opposes this you're going to have guns in bars eighty percent of public opposes that and his new budget eliminates the estate tax the personal tax that cuts income taxes for the rich and also because education and health care funding and sort of cost fifty one thousand ohioans their jobs how does this guy plan to keep this well it turns out his plan is to restrict people from voting new voter i.d. laws comes into work that republicans know will require poll you know you know the story here i mean this is this is probably work on steroids you know it's only
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happening only because if if if the voter id law is as bad as think progress and you suggest it is and this is part of a series of election reform some of which i think you probably would support if it is bad is that you know eighty percent in what cases it was doing is so terrible and eighty percent of people don't like him it doesn't matter what. election laws he passes he's nowhere. that's going to make a difference because it asking them to have some law that says you can stay in there for twenty years if you carry a fourteen thousand people in the last election oh yeah but if you needed to just because they were in the world eighty percent of the block area seven people in ohio now hate john case it doesn't really matter what they pass well yeah ok you're right on that and we'll see but it is eighty percent don't hate him and sixty percent or sixty days i mean. this is no doesn't matter i think stealable. and i don't think these are election laws that are like
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a whole series of these things but some of that makes it easier for people here this is this is what paul said back in the one nine hundred eighty s. here paul paul wavered. how many of our clips i have what i call. wrong good government they want everybody to vote. i don't want everybody go both elections are won by a majority of people they never help and probably going to draw concrete of a are not now. going to elections why can't avoid go out go polling oculus go go is the guy who was helping run the reagan campaign that speech was given when he was running the reagan campaign he helped run the george w. bush campaign the republican plan for the last thirty years has been disenfranchised voters i mean in florida just before the two thousand election katherine harris kicks eighty seven thousand mostly african-americans off the voter rolls illegally so nobody is even talking about it anymore except b.m.w. c.p. just because it said it he doesn't want the wrong people to vote does not mean that
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he doesn't want democrats to i know but obviously that means he's going to help republicans vote get out of both republicans no no you have no lives you have is how do i deal or has no evidence of hallway rick therefore a set of stumbling blocks for democrats to get to the poll well if that's the you know that's what william rehnquist made his chops was standing in the republican party in the night in the city who stayed only in phoenix arizona in poll lines kicking a latino as an american native americans are out of line by challenge and you're also pointed out i don't i'm not going to i can also point democrats though sitting out buses to pick up people who you know need help getting there making sure they get their make i'm going to steal was running for the sun you know i'm good. but it is we're making much ado about such a minor thing in the ohio election but i think this is what you're going to start to start i see happening all over the country in fact i did a google search on that law i found that one article from think progress people are not talking about it's not like i'm not saying switching gears that casey anthony ok. apparently we are we don't we still don't know i haven't seen any evidence that
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he didn't actually rape this made a joke other than she's made your bed with it but in both cases the media got them . it's never been a law in canada but for a long time the media policy there back in the seventy's when i was working when i was doing news in michigan and kant was right next door the media policy was you don't announce the name of somebody who's been arrested you announce their name when they're convicted should we think about doing something like that here in the united states not us i'm not suggesting as a wall but as you know as a as a media policy and to be more prudent i think i mean i think there's no question as they say where do you get your name back after it's already been said here if you're. struck khan is completely innocent and he did nothing unseemly i mean it will it will matter because they've been tarnished and always be tarnished and people are not remember that he was exonerated they remember him from the million times they said his name was we're doing something horrendous grant said i'm not
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going to run again you know so you took in france well i think the french were always skeptical of the arrest although now he's got a woman in france and suing him for rape so i think he has a long history a long history of not necessarily doing something illegal and he very. well may have but he's not known as one of the best characters we have i have real issues i mean seriously let me just talking points aside we have real issues here in the united states we've got one of the highest levels of child poverty in the developed world we've got one fifty percent of all american children at some point between birth and the age of eighteen will be on food stamps that's that doesn't exist anywhere else in the developed world we've got some serious and it's ninety percent for african-americans we have some serious problems in this country and we're not talking about those we're talking about casey anthony it just seems to me like we've got our you know the media has its priorities scrambled our group you generally have the specifics i mean ninety percent that seems pretty high to me i don't know at some point during birth eighteen i agree with you wouldn't have
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a general point i can't agree on the specifics because i'm not sure about those stats i think the united states is going to displace this for anyone who grew up in the entire world one in four children right now is like that but generally i think that when we get obsessed with these type of story it's because they're good for ratings and it would be more helpful if we went to more serious issues that are out there. no i agree and i think that there are real problems in our country and you know some people have been pointing out that it's very ironic that you know we were so upset that i woman who seems to have murdered her two year old child you know it goes on but yet we still have a huge proportion problem as well in this country where people would say you know every day we have thousands upon thousands of babies are thrown into the trash well and you know and that's the problem that it's a real problem that our country you know tries to address and every day there are children who don't have need foster homes who don't have them every day there are kids being abused every day there are kids who go missing who are just don't get to go out you know have their day in court is that just seems like the whole bread and
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circus thing it's like at some point the american people are going to say hopefully enough of the bread and circus you know we'd like to any up. just just you know in a sentence or two will republicans cave and agree to that limit deal to raise taxes . to raise taxes and i think there will be a debt limit deal i don't know what the composition of the deal will be but i imagine that there will be we will not default on our debt is my guess. i think with the laws your general suggests is good that we have a temporary extension for two months and then we actually do cut a deal where we say ok we'll raise taxes on it we're going to cut the corporate tax rate i'm going to do that well i think that you should read the wall street journal and there's a very liberal solution for both parties who can go out there and they listen to the republicans and i rose in that to turn it into an election and they want to push this into the election but he can use our election issue to see he can say look i don't know this loopholes i go i'm definitely going against those corporate jets that these businesses can get i mean i think it's a winnable to remember wall street journal you know i think you know it's real
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about suggesting that the president should be reading a murdoch publication where they don't present the baby out as out of order you know. thank you both make it down coming up the republican race for the white house is getting a bit more interesting with a possible bid for the white supremacists after the break former louisiana state representative david duke lays out his plan for the republican. bribes the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through who can you trust no one who is in view with the local machinery see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more.
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welcome back to the big picture on tom hartman coming up in this half hour three years ago change was brought to the white house when america elected the first african-american president for a repeat possibly take place with the election of a former k.k.k. leader i guess david duke. and a plus a woman is kicked off an american actually was of us here there are lines like after being told she was a security risk you won't believe what her offense was and just how far security
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theater in airports is turning flying into a national debate and tempers are still high after the final verdict in the casey anthony trial in my daily take a break down another trial that americans are hungry for the people versus wall street. what else could round out the republicans feel the candidates for president but a white supremacist jumping into the mix that's right david duke the former republican state representative from louisiana and with thomas robb the man who changed the k.k.k. from white sheets to business suits as their uniform is hinting that he may be jumping on to the race for the white house take a look at this online video released by duke about a year ago. hello i'm david.


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